Sustainable Drainage (SuDs)

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Project description

Key Impact categories:
Heat Island
Flood Risk
Carbon Storage
Water Quality

Sustainable Drainage Systems are transforming urban water management in London by implementing eco-friendly drainage solutions like permeable pavements, green roofs, and rain gardens. Aimed at addressing flooding risks and enhancing water quality, these systems contribute to a more sustainable and resilient urban environment.


  • Install SuD schemes across the city
  • Reduce flooding risk for local businesses
  • Improve aethsetic of urban landscape


  • Number of SuDs installed
  • Square footage of sustainable drainage implemented
  • Probability of flood risk reduced


  • UK Local Authorities


  • Streets: Introduce new or improved green space along city streets in order to sustainably manage rainfall on impervious surfaces to reduce the risk of flooding downstream
  • Parks: To naturally manage rainfall runoff from Lambeth's parks in order to reduce flood risk to downstream homes and businesses.
  • Estate Masterplan: To retrofit SuDS within estates holistically in order to reduce the risk of flooding downstream.
  • Schools: Reduce extent of hard surfaces in the school grounds, and their risk of flooding from surface water
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