Water Quality

What is it?

The water we rely on is at risk, big time. With cities growing like wildfire, pollution from factories, traffic, and rainwater run-off is messing with our water quality. Think heavy metals, chemicals, and nasty germs. It's not just about a drink – it's about our health, fun, and the city's well-being. We've got a plan to keep it clean. Say hello to sustainable drainage and cool green spaces like parks and wetlands.

Why it matters.

Clean water is under threat! The main culprit responsible for the contamination is urbanisation. From factories to stormwater run-off, and improper wastewater treatment, our water is in a real mess. Contaminated water not only affects the taste of our drinks but also poses a severe health risk. It's also a buzzkill for outdoor activities in the city's waterways, and it harms the ecosystem. Cleaning up contaminated water is expensive.

What you can do.

Want cleaner city waters? Meet our dynamic duo: trees and smart drainage! Trees soak up rain, curb runoff, and clean up the gunk before it hits our waters. Plus, their roots keep the soil in check. Sustainable drainage systems? They're the brainy sidekick, handling stormwater like a pro, channeling it into green spots that work like Mother Nature's filters. Together, they cut down pollution and give us primo city water. It's a win-win: cleaner, greener, and more resilient cities for us and the Earth!

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