Tap into the Power of Purpose (new features available!)
Tap into the Power of Purpose

Drive Engagement in your CSR Initiatives

Alo Mundus unlocks team engagement and customer loyalty.
Bring them with you on your sustainability journey.

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Discover Insights
Track engagement metrics
Uncover audience interests
Create effective plans
Increase Engagement
Build online and offline touchpoints
Deliver beautiful comms material
Tailor your messaging
Report Impact
Audit attitude shifts over time
Capture snapshots of key trends
Package into stunning reports
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We solve your biggest
challenges in CSR engagement

🚀 360° Overview

Unify your data and workflow

Constantly grappling with fragmented data and tools?

Centralise all your sustainability data and organise it per initiative. Integrate your favourite tools and sit back as everything syncs automatically.

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Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Google Analytics & more

⚡ Exciting Content

Engage your audience with stunning creatives

Don't fancy being a graphic designer and data analyst alongside your full-time job?

Let us handle that. You focus on the milestones and we'll provide engaging creatives - from interactive charts to intuitive infographics. Oh, and with one click we'll send it to all your channels.

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LinkedIn, X, Facebook, Mailchimp & more

📔 Simple Reporting

Use transparency to build trust

Spending more time reporting than doing?

Transform your data into clean, concise reports that are easy to understand. Make these reports instantly available to your team members, customers and business leaders.

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Canva, Google Docs

Showcase in Style

Build rich, interactive pages to showcase your sustainability initiatives. Drag and drop elegant creatives populated with live data. Show and tell.

Integrations + Insights

Connect your tools together. Display live charts that update in real time and use sentiment analysis to understand how intiatives are viewed.

Initiate Rich Interactions

Initiate meaningful 2-way conversations across all key channels - including offline with our NFC powered Members Cards!

Real Time and Frequent Updates

Log updates and important milestones as they happen. Then with a click of a button share them to your entire audience. Package these snapshots into professional reports for your business leaders.

Invest locally

Invest locally

Whether you work with existing partners, or we help you find new ones - ensure your team and customers experience your impact within their own communities.

Purpose driven consumers are now the world's largest market segment

Showcase purpose

Showcase impact

Build your sustainability profile and bring your team and customers with you on your sustainability journey.

Drive improvements in everything from biodiversity to air quality.

Share your story

Share your story

Integrate your digital, physical and social communication to showcase your impact in real-time.

Effortlessly share project updates to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tap into the power of purpose

With Alo Mundus it is easy to fund projects that align with your corporate purpose.

🌟 Rally around 🌟
your corporate purpose.

Engage your team and build customer loyalty

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Show and Tell.

With 1000's of projects available, we will help you find the perfect one.

Kickstart your team engagement and grow customer loyalty by building a portfolio of local impact.

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