Heat Island

What is it?

Ever noticed that cities are hot? That's the Urban Heat Island (or UHI for short) effect in action. Concrete, asphalt, and metal absorb heat faster than the vegetation and greenery found in more rural areas. Combine this with cars, factories and homes pumping out manufactured heat and you quickly end up with a swelteringly hot environment. It has been shown that London is up to 10°C warmer than neighbouring areas!

Why it matters.

This UHI can have devastating effects on the local communities where your team and customers live, with a disproportional impact on vulnerable citizens - such as the elderly or very young. Unfortunately, high temperatures also drive the increased usage of air condition - creating a vicious cycle which can result in five-fold increase in CO2 emissions.

What you can do.

By investing in a project that improves UHI, whether that is by planting trees or greening up the urban landscape, you are actively reversing this trend and creating a safer more pleasant environment for your team and customers. Your support makes a real difference and I bet that if you help keep their cities cool, they'll think you're cool too.

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