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Start creating impact in your local area

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Communication kit

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Engage your team in your sustainability journey

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Alo Mundus Member Card

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Build customer loyalty through local impact

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Communication Kit

Receive a social media bundle so you can tell the world about your impact. We provide images, videos and copy - all you have to do is post!

Ongoing Content

Each month we send subscribers new content so you can keep your audience engaged.

Alo Mundus Members Card

Tap into the power of purpose with your physical members card. Display your card in-store and customers can simply tap to instantly see the impact you're having on their home cities.

Choose Impact Locations

Create hyperlocal impact by choosing exactly where you want to fund projects. We will give you regular updates on the key impact you're having.

Team Photoshoot

For a limited time we are offering new subscribers the opportunity to have a team photoshoot right next to the projects they're funding!

Everything you need to drive engagement
Our plans give you the powerful team chat integrations, social media packs and physical marketing tools proven to drive engagement and loyalty within your target audience.


Here you can find the answers

Do I have to subscribe to fund projects?

No! We offer a free plan, that let's you access a one-time communication kit and build your company profile. For all the additional engagement tools you will need to subscribe.

How often will I receive ongoing content?

We aim to send you new content once per month. We may send you content more frequently if there are significant milestones being reached in the projects you've funded.

What happens if I stop subscribing?

We will downgrade you to the free plan. You can keep your profile page but you will not receive any ongoing content and the members card will no longer work.

Do I fund projects separately?

Yes, our subscription focuses on giving you powerful engagement tools. Funding projects is done independently so you can choose a purpose that resonates with your values.

How do I choose my impact locations?

When you purchase the Hero plan, a member of customer success will get in touch to guide you through the process.

What's in the physical marketing kit?

We offer a grab bag full of goodies to help you engage your team. Think stickers, hats and posters that you can display in your office or store!

What is the Alo Mundus Members card?

Your exclusive members card is a physical NFC enabled card that displays your dedication to creating impact for the world to see. Customers can tap their phones against it to bring up your profile and instantly see the change you're making in their local areas.

How specific can I make my hyperlocal impact requests?

We tend to work at the local borough resolution. This provides a good balance between creating localised impact, while also giving enough flexibility for the implementing partners to choose which locations have the greatest impact.