What is it?

Biodiversity is the amazing mosaic of life that we share on this planet. It includes all the incredible creatures, from majestic deer in Richmond Park to the tiny but vital microorganisms in the soil of our cities. When a city is thriving, it can be a bustling haven for all sorts of critters that make our world go 'round. We should work towards preserving the wild in the city and celebrate the amazing tapestry of life that surrounds us.

Why it matters.

Biodiversity is a precious treasure that we must cherish! There is nothing quite like observing wildlife in their natural habitat. However, the sad truth is that since the 1970s, 41% of the animals that share the UK with us are facing difficulties.And it's not just about them; it's about what they do for us – like city trees clearing our air and birds of prey keeping pests in check.

What you can do.

Urban Jungle Makeover! Want to amp up city wildlife and make urban life more exciting? Planting trees, making cool parks, green havens, and wildflower meadows in our cities is the way to do it. Trees are like high-rise condos for birds and bugs. Parks are secret gardens for plants, animals, and pollinators. And wildflower meadows? They're buzzing with bees and butterflies, saving rare species. Plus, they give city folks a taste of nature and why biodiversity rocks.

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