Flood Risk

What is it?

Our cities are like concrete jungles, covered in hard and unyielding surfaces ranging from concrete to asphalt. It's hard to believe that back in the Roman times, the Thames River was nearly a mile wide, causing flooding that affected everything from the City of London to Southwark. Today, we're facing a new threat: flash floods. These floods are a nightmare for both residents and businesses in the area.

Why it matters.

In the UK, around 16% of properties fall under the splash zone, which means they are at risk of being flooded. Shockingly, in London, the number jumps to 42% of commercial areas at risk. Imagine a month’s worth of rain pouring down in just one day. Basements flooded, businesses destroyed, causing financial and emotional damage. Flooding is a nightmare that can take a toll on your wallet and your heart.

What you can do.

Funding projects that address this threat is fantastic, because not only do they significantly mitigate flood risk - they also look great. Rain gardens, SuDs, parklets and a myriad of other solutions help buffer run off and redirect it, all while elevating the aesthetic of the urban landscape. Plus they are often located near or on schools (due to the expanse of concrete playgrounds) and so provide a fantastic education opportunity as well!

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