The Ultimate Guide to urban sustainability in 2023

Urban areas play a critical and unique role in our collective journey toward a sustainable and resilient global ecosystem. For many cities, a high population density, heavily used transportation system and concentrated industrial zone, quickly results in uninhabitable zones where the negative impacts disproportionately effect  the most vulnerable populations. However, cities also possess specialised access to the individual talent, financial resources, and organisational frameworks required to enact change at an unprecedented scale. And with nearly three-quarters of us calling a city our home, we are all incentivised to drive toward this positive future.

Who is this guide for?

We at Alo Mundus passionately believe that by harnessing the enthusiasm of companies and citizens we can co-create the cities of the future. Cities where sustainability is weaved into the very core fabric of the city and benefits everyone. This guide is designed for individuals and company leaders, helping you strip urban sustainability down to these fundamental principles and give a comprehensive overview of the key concepts required for you to join us on this journey.

How to use this guide.

The guide has been broken down into key chapters, referenced below. Dip into the areas that interest you most and then return to this central map to place your new insights into the larger context. We are constantly adding new content, so if you are particularly interested in a specific idea then let us know.

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Understand the basics - what is urban sustainability and why it is important to companies and citizens alike.
- What is Urban Sustainability and Why Should You Care?
- The Importance of Urban Sustainability: A Business Perspective

The Pillars of Urban Sustainability

Dive into the building blocks of urban sustainability and how a holistic set of social, environmental and economic interventions are required for success.
- Understanding the 3 Key Pillars of Urban Sustainability: Social, Environmental, and Economic

Key categories of Urban Sustainability projects

Learn about the key types of projects that are making our cities greener and more accessible for everyone.

Implementing Local Sustainability

Build a practical understanding of how local sustainability is implemented, the key challenges to this process and how your input can overcome them.
- Who’s Who in Urban Sustainability: Companies, Councils, and Other Key Players
- A Step-by-Step Guide: How Local Sustainability Projects are Implemented
- Top Challenges Cities Face in Becoming Sustainable and How to Overcome Them

- Social Programs that Advance Urban Sustainability
- Economic Strategies for Promoting Urban Sustainability
- Environmental Programs: The Cornerstone of Urban Sustainability

- 5 Ways Businesses Can Contribute to Urban Sustainability

Best Practices and Case Studies in Urban Sustainability

Examine the individual programmes of work that create green, resilient and sustainable cities accessible to all.

- More Than Tree-Planting: Innovative Strategies for Urban Sustainability
- Mastering SuDs: A Deep Dive into Sustainable Drainage Systems
- Why Green Roofs are a Game-Changer for Urban Sustainability
- The Lowdown on Urban Farming: Benefits and Implementation - Harnessing Solar Energy in Urban Environments: A Case Study

Impact of Urban Sustainability

An overview of the impact urban sustainability projects have on local communities, ecosystems and companies. We cover how this impact can be measured and monitored to ultimately accelerate change.
- Metrics Matter: How to Measure Urban Sustainability
- Boost Team Engagement Through Local Sustainability Projects
- Build Customer Loyalty Through Sustainable Initiatives
- Examining the Impact of Urban Sustainability on Businesses and Citizens

- Well-being Benefits of Green Spaces for Employees and Customers
- Ecosystem Benefits: What Urban Sustainability Brings to the Table
- The Health Link: How Urban Green Spaces Improve Well-Being

The future of urban sustainability

Look forwards to see where the big trends converge. Build a vision of how you can be a part of this future.
- The Big Picture: Connecting the Dots in Urban Sustainability

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