Physical Health

What is it?

Living in the city's got its quirks. Crazy traffic, pollution – you name it. But without a plan, these things can mess with our health. Yep, a whopping 91% of city dwellers breathe iffy air. Plus, the way cities are set up? It's like they're nudging us away from staying healthy – no nature walks, no time for exercise.

Why it matters.

London! Every year, the city's got a heavy dose of bad air, and the numbers? They're jaw-dropping. 9,400 peoplelose their lives too soon, and the health service bills? They're off the charts, ranging from £1.4 billion to an eye-popping £3.7 billion! But it's not just about pounds and pennies; it's about keeping London healthy and happy.

What you can do.

We've got some awesome ways to amp up the health and happiness of city life. From strong communities to green oases and outdoor fitness hubs, investing in urban nature isn't just about better cities – it's a chance for everyone to recharge and live their best lives.

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