What is it?

Boost Your Eco-Game: Protected Bike Lanes Beat the Rest! Forget those costly highways – they're emitting a ton of greenhouse gases. Instead, for just £163, invest in protected bike lanes that do the same job but without the emissions. Clean and green, all the way!

Why it matters.

Emissions matter—a lot! They mess with our air, health, climate, and energy bills. Cutting emissions means a cleaner, healthier world with a smaller climate change punch. And guess what? Transportation's a huge player, churning out a whopping 24% of the UK's greenhouse gases in 2020. It's those gas-guzzling cars and trucks, belching out carbon and other nasty stuff into our air.

What you can do.

Why not seize the opportunity to invest in state-of-the-art cycle paths and secure, convenient cycle parking facilities? By doing so, you not only support sustainable transportation but also invest in the future of our cities. The benefits are immense: reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, healthier and happier citizens, and a more attractive urban environment.

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